Impact Crusher Spares Parts

Impact Crusher Spares Parts

The component of the conventional replacement is the counter-crushing crusher, which is also called the spares of the counter-crushing crusher. Impact crusher is one of the more widely used crusher type, impact crusher is an integral part of the impact machine, to the requirements of conventional alternatives in the market, also known as crusher spare parts, the main board hammer, the view from the side plate, steel, square steel, briquetting, fittings are of high manganese steel, high chromium and high montmorillonite composite wear-resistant materials, such as casting or forging.

  1. Board hammer. The hammer is rich in chromium alloy material, also USES the latest manufacturing process, the preliminary structure design, the final product is cubic, no tension and crack, the particle shape is excellent, is a reliable high-wear castings, but also greatly enhanced the hammer plate service existence. In addition, the design of the hammer structure is affordable, with the advantages of quick loading and unloading, multiple transposition and so on, which can effectively shorten the hammer plate time. However, the motherboard hammer should be adjusted or replaced to some extent during the entire operation to prevent the fastener from being damaged along with other parts.
  2. Edge protection plate. The edge protection plate is indeed the vulnerable area of the impact crusher, its wear and aging potential can cope with the impact with capacity loss, often resulting in lining shot down accidents, also resulting in the crusher seal performance degradation, resulting in greater dust. After the technical update, we usually make the plate with the output mode of alloy, its durability and greatly enhance the existence of side plate.
  3. Impact plate. The result plate will bear the result of the rebound from the material through the hammer, so the material is impacted and damaged, and the damaged material is turned into the impact zone, which is damaged again to obtain the required product size. The plate is usually cast from high manganese steel and has a variety of structural forms, usually the main two lines and arcs, using the effect of controlling the discharge port.
  4. Square steel. Square steel can be a square structure, which can be divided into seamless and seamless. You will find welded steel plates, made of square steel. Seamless steel tube is actually a kind of seamless steel tube and pulls the machine. Its compression capacity far exceeds that of the joint square tube. Counter steel plays the role of avoiding the release of the materials in front. After a strict heat treatment process, it adopts wear-resistant high-strength drill, and the important parts are exported to bearing and other countries - free products, equipment, one-time investment, high quality.
  5. According to the block. Compact blocks are widely used in all kinds of mining machinery, material quality, performance stability, can be based on different needs. After load debugging, the clamping block should be adjusted as required. Compression block has chemical composition and stability, affordable heat treatment process, good durability, high strength, ideal characteristics. The clamping block is immediately clamped. The mechanism is driven by cylinder and connected with rod mechanism and linear guide rail. It implements the clamping of the chuck, feeding, another completion of the clamping, release and return order. The operation adopts full pneumatic control, the movement is accurate and reliable, satisfying the consumer demand.

Structure Style of Impact Crusher

  • The outcome crusher has the benefits of simple structure, small volume, lightweight, compact structure, strong machine rigidity, large rotating inertia from the rotor, high crushing cavity, large feeding mouth, reasonable cavity crushing cavity, Two impact plate and also the unloading reason for the guide plate towards the second level counter-plate discharge mouth made up of the arc made up of space made up of counter-frame while using overall manganese steel pieces to improve the crushing aftereffect of large bits of material impact plate so far as possible following the Boost the shear aftereffect of the fabric. And also the impact position from the impact crusher could be adjusted to make sure that the fabric within the impact plate and also the rotor between your impact of repeated impact in a appropriate position, can effectively enhance the crushing efficiency, step-by-step crushing process can effectively lessen the crushing procedure for energy consumption .
  • Impact crusher impact plate role will be hammered from the material to affect crushing, and crushed the fabric to the crushing place to re-impact crushing. Because the counter-plate structure and form of crusher crushing effect includes a great impact, it's needed to properly design the outcome plate. Counter-plate design, including counter-plate position, shape and counter-plate series. This short article concentrates on the style of the form from the impact plate. Based on the theory of mechanical collision principle, to guarantee the material within the crushing chamber was ejected towards the impact plate demonstrated an optimistic impact, counter-plate curve should be an involute. However the fabric can't acquire a positive impact, it's frequently near to the involute type of the rear plate.
  • Based on the actual deterioration impact plate is visible in the unloading reason for the damaged reason for the beam in the unloading indicate the intersection from the impact plate lower towards the counterplate discharge mouth this is a vital material damaged section, mainly in the impact plate discharge close to the mouth more essential. Therefore, the look approach to the fold line counterplate is really as follows: for any plate with two impact plates, the very first counterplate is arranged based on the incident position comparable to and how big the feeding mouth, and switched about 25 levels in the unloading point plate, To , considering the minimum degree of the very first level impact plate discharge mouth and also the corresponding position, can determine the position of the second level impact plate. For any crusher with three stages of impact plate, the very first stage counterplate might be arranged based on the position of incidence and how big the feed opening. Plate hammer, correspondingly, switched 20 levels, 40 levels, after which go ahead and take incident position is , can determine the 2nd paragraph, the 3rd paragraph impact plate position. Counter-plate surface having a zigzag-formed and flat liner, liner form of various materials around the crushing effect differs. Serrated liner in other concerns are identical conditions, crusher processing capacity is greater, however the over-crushing phenomenon is serious, it ought to be in line with the actual choice.
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