Bentonite Ultrafine Mill Processing

Bentonite Ultrafine Mill Processing

China is rich in bentonite resources, bentonite processing and big country production, bentonite is widely used in industry "omnipotent soil". Bentonite in the genesis of become a variety of industrial demands a large number of montmorillonite, the adhesion, suspended, stability, purification, such as catalytic effect is widely used in agriculture, light industry, coating industry, cosmetics and other fields of organic bentonite, activated clay and so on is processed products bentonite, bentonite after processing can be used for casting sand, oil decolorization, etc. The wide market demand for bentonite makes the development of bentonite quickly become a kind of "fat" in the mouth of many processors. Further processing of bentonite by milling machine has been applied more widely.

As a result of the world's industrial giants aiming at the market, expanded the market. It is predicted that the output of paint and ink will increase at an average annual rate of 5% during the tenth five-year plan. It can be seen that the market potential of organic bentonite is very large, high-pressure milling machine as a commonly used bentonite machinery equipment, the market is also naturally widespread, attracted the attention of investors.

Production process of ultrafine mill of bentonite

The production process of ultrafine mill of bentonite is to improve the material and flush the slurry with a small amount of water through the activation temperature and pressure in order to improve the efficiency and decolorization of high performance clay and greatly reduce the production cost.

  1. 1, the first batch of bentonite and inorganic acid mixed evenly at a certain temperature pressure will be activated mixture; use a certain amount of water will be activated pulp rinse to PH = 4;
  2. 2, and then through the filter into the cake, drying, crushing and other processes, the activation temperature and pressure generally increased to 200 ~ 300 �� and 15 to 40 atmospheres; the amount of water to be washed to be divided into several equal parts, followed by Rinse the slurry.
  3. 3, the last use of ultrafine mill production line to process the milling, and ultrafine mill manufacturers in Shanghai Zenith SCM series of ultrafine mill or MTW European version of T-type milling machine in terms of fineness is the output are Can greatly meet your needs.

The working principle of bentonite ultrafine grinding

Bentonite ultrafine mill focuses on the professional development and production of milling machines. The whole structure is composed of main engine, pipeline device, air blower and so on.

After crushing the material to the required particle size, the material is sent to the hopper by the traction machine, and then the material is continuously sent to the ultrafine grinder by the vibrating feeder, and the roller oscillates outward due to the outward motion. The centrifugal force in the rotating process is pressed on the grinding ring, and the bucket material is ground by the rolling roller between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. After grinding the fine powder with the circulating air blower, the material enters the analyser for separation. The fineness of the material returns to the regrinding. Qualified fine powder enters the cyclone collector with air and the powder pipe is discharged.

The production line of ultrafine mill has great advantage in deep processing of bentonite

The ultrafine grinding production line not only guarantees the fineness of powder, but also guarantees the production of bentonite and promotes the development of bentonite processing industry. Bentonite by ultrafine mill planer for the deep processing equipment in plays a huge role in the development of deep processing products, greatly increase the development potential of deep processing of bentonite products, using superfine milling planer and other high-tech transform the traditional production and processing, not only of the rapid enterprise technology, and to improve product quality and value has played a huge role.

The superfine grinding production line adopts the new disc design and drive motor, high impact grinding, high output and wear resistance becomes the bentonite processing which is often used in mechanical equipment. This equipment greatly saves mechanical operation time and engineering control, material grasping, grinding, and then rapid removal is the basic work and work content of high pressure milling machine. The ultrafine milling machine in bentonite industry has great development potential and plays an important role in consolidating the ultrafine milling machine in bentonite industry. The development path of ultrafine mill in bentonite industry will be expanded constantly, which also brings new opportunities and challenges to ultrafine grinding manufacturers.

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