Impact Crusher Working Principle

Impact Crusher Working Principle

The impact crusher is a crusher machine that is very commonly used in mine crushing to break down materials using impact energy. The crushing principle is: when the material enters the plate hammer action zone of the crushing cavity, it is broken by the high-speed impact of the hammer, and then is thrown to the impact device installed above the rotor to be broken again, and then from the impact liner. The bomb returned to the hammer area to re-break, and the crushing process was broken.

The material can be repeatedly subjected to this crushing process in the crushing chamber until the material is broken to the desired particle size and discharged from the lower portion of the machine. The size of the material to be crushed can be controlled by adjusting the gap between the counter frame and the rotor frame.

Impact the main components and features of each accessory

The common impact crushers on the market are mainly composed of crushing chambers, impacts, frames, rotors and transmission parts. The multi-stage crushing chamber of the impact crusher has enough crushing space and is suitable for the crushing of large materials. The bulk material stays in the coarse crushing chamber first, and is hit by the high-speed rotating hammer and the impact of the body lining, and the blocks hit each other, broken into small pieces, and then broken into fine particles by the hammer head. The powder is discharged through the slit of the discharge sieve. In this way, the whole process of material breaking from coarse to fine is completed in the same structure.

The part of the impact crusher frame is a three-part structure. It is only necessary to open the rear casing of the crusher to perform maintenance and repair operations such as replacing the hammer, the counterplate and the lining.

The angle of the impact of the impact crusher can be adjusted to ensure that the material is at an appropriate angle during repeated impact between the counterplate and the rotor, which can effectively improve the crushing efficiency. The step-by-step counter-crushing process can effectively reduce the energy consumption during the crushing process. The hitting plate can automatically retract the bounce and let the foreign matter pass through the crusher to prevent damage to the device caused by foreign objects (such as iron blocks) or unbreakable pieces.

In the direction of rotation of the reversed rotor, except for the upper part, the sieve plate is used as a lining, which can realize all-round unloading. The particles of the particles can be leaked out through the sieve plate of the crusher at any time in the hammering direction, thereby avoiding the timely discharge of the finely divided materials, greatly reducing the rotational resistance of the hammerhead, reducing the power consumption, and reducing the wear on the hammerhead. Correspondingly, the consumption of consumables and the repair work of counter-shocking are reduced.

The transmission part of the impact crusher adopts the method of electric motor, mechanical coupling, V-belt and crusher, which can effectively improve the starting performance of the motor and enable the motor to start smoothly. The belt drive mode can double the overload protection function, the motor power required by the drive system is low, and the running cost is greatly reduced. This transmission scheme is economical, practical, safe and reliable transmission scheme. The impact manufacturers have made actual observations on the effect of using the impacting broken limestone.

Counter-breaking can complete the whole process of bulk material from coarse to fine crushing at one time. The basic construction will reduce investment in the plant and save investment. The production operation will be easy to manage and reduce consumption. The crushing system using the counter-breaking production line as material will surely achieve satisfactory results.

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